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Where is Grapevine TX?

Texas presently is the fifth largest wine producing state in the nation behind California, Washington, New York, and Oregon. There are nearly 200 vineyards and wineries in Texas.  Austin Yankee is on a mission to visit all the vineyards and wineries in Texas. I’m starting to plan a weekend in Grapevine TX this Summer possibly [...]
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Memorial Day Weekend Wine Appreciation Class

Texas’ own, Messina Hof Winery and Resort teaches monthly wine appreciation classes to help you decipher the wonderful world of wine. Classes last an hour & a half and include light cheeses. I suggest you eat something before coming to class, as most classes include five to eight different wines and you don’t want to [...]
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Turned On 2 Torchy’s Tacos

I just realized why I’ve never been a fan of Tex-Mex food. I had never really tasted authentic Tex-Mex before I moving to Texas. What passes as Tex-Mex on either coast really isn’t cutting it. Since arriving in Austin two weeks ago, I keep seeing signs advertising breakfast Tacos. The thought of having Tacos with [...]
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